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Animal Communication, Shamanic Healing, Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Free Diving

Animal Communication workshop

Our shamanic ancestors were in many ways closer to the animal kingdom than us today.
We can see in the engravings and paintings of prehistoric caves that they performed rituals and initiations before hunting, and even though these practices are today mainly considered superstitious, they still exist and are absolutely functional amongst some of today’s surviving native tribes in Brazil and many other continents.
“Sacred hunting” is still in practice amongst Brazilian and South African natives; it means that the animal is invited to acquiesce and sacrifice itself to the hunter.
These tribes also hunt with painless poisoned arrows and claim to have received clear visions of the chosen animal before the hunt.
How do Brazilian shamans know the state of health o trees, or how did they learn the properties of several medicinal plants?
According to Shamans, the plants told them themselves! Thus knowledge is not acquired by empiric experience as we believe in the west.
For these native tribes, intuition equals survival and animals and plants can be allies in the jungle or savanna.
Animals and plants communicate with each other through telepathy.
Telepathy is transmission and reception of emotionally charged visual, auditory and other sensory impressions.
Apparently all nature communicates not only through pheromones, body language or voice but also through telepathic transmission which is not bound by space or time.
Only modern humans lost this natural skill, and even if they sometimes receive messages or information through this natural channel during sleeping time or dreams, this phenomenon is mostly ignored.
I invite you to relearn your natural telepathic skills that will enable you to better understand and make yourself understood by your animal friends and wild animals as well. As a result of this training your natural intuition will also grow.
Animals have the same spectrum of emotions that humans strive to hide.
They can reconnect us to our emotional body, which is the first most important step for self-healing.
They also happen to be aware of magnetic waves and ambiental phenomenon in their environment, and through them we may reawaken our instincts and extra sensorial capacities towards nature.
Animal telepathic communication is the first discipline to be learned before we proceed to telepathic communication with Star Nations.

Basic animal communication : 2 days workshop in English is by demand to a group of minimum 4 participants.
We learn and practice in a farm at the center of Israel or in Eilat.
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Shamanic Dance, breathing and meditation worshop


Releasing and transforming blocked emotion through intuitive dancing and movement, centering through breathing and non breathing’ learning to dive into your inner peace to listen to your Soul.

2 days workshop for minimum 4 participants all over Israel.

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Telepathic Communication with Interstellar Civilizations

I was introduced into the extraterrestrial contact first in dreams and then started practicing the CE5 protocol and other consciousness expansion techniques that were shown to me in dream states with good results.

CE5 (Close encounters of the fifth kind) is a protocol created by DR. Steven Greer following his own direct contact with these extraterrestrial civilizations which seem to be observing us especially soon after WWII.

Dr. Greer is one of few reliable Ufologists with clear and practical answers on the subject of extraterrestrial presence on Earth, and is the real founder of the Disclosure Movement.

These advanced civilizations have been around us for ages.

The evidence of their benefic presence is everywhere but hidden or distorted by authorities for different reasons.

The childish question “are we alone in the universe” becomes clearly obsolete when we participate in a making contact session and see the results with our own eyes.

The major objective of establishing telepathic contact with these star nations is to make them know that there are peaceful humans on Earth who wish to create a friendly link with them based on universal peace and the belief that we can evolve into a better and united civilization through a mutual collaboration. This could be the key to receiving real free energy that would save us and our planet and transform us into an enlightened civilization.

 Making contact workshop :  2-4 hours workshop  in English is by demand and is performed under the stars in any quiet location.

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Photo by Mori Chen: Golden light ship over Eilat mountains in December 2017 during a contact group event. 


Photo Mori Chen
Satyam by Baruch Yofe

Free Diving courses in Eilat and Egypt

Free Diving or Apnea Diving, is an ancient and natural activity for humans. It strenghthens your body – mind wellbeing and gives you the freedom of enjoying nature without relying on too much equipment.

We teach all levels of Free Diving according to the method of Apnea Academy International, which is the oldest and most effective method since reawakens the brain’s breath hold functions in the most natural way.

Many world champions have studied and practiced in this school which was itself created by the only multi champion in this discipline, Umberto Pelizzari.

We also follow the basic lines of Jacques Mayol, who was the first free diver to discover the link between the mind and body, and become the first world champion on this field.

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